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UK Staycations on the up

Staycations have bene increasing year after year, with more and more holiday-makers keeping their feet firmly on UK soil during their down-time.

It’s therefore no surprise that the number of people who own a second-home in the UK has also risen in recent years. Now, an increasing number of people are investing in a holiday home of their own and opting to spend their time in a home-away-from-home.

As far as we can see there are a number of factors that are leading to people opting to stay in the country to holiday, and even spend their time in a property of their own.


  1. Travel time

People begrudge spending two of their holiday days travelling to and from a destination, and rightly so. Whether you’re working or retired, your time away from home is valuable, so why waste it (and your energy) just getting from A to B.

The UK boats world-class attraction, beautiful landscapes and vibrant cities, so why travel further than you need to?


  1. Quality accommodation

A big risk of travelling and booking holiday homes is knowing what the quality of the property will be; how at home you’ll feel, what amenities you’ll have and (most importantly) how well you’ll sleep at night!

By finding accommodation you’ll return to or investing in a holiday home in the UK, you know what to expect and can easily make yourself at home…


  1. Home comforts

Hopping in the car for a week or weekend away means there’s no limit to what you take with you (other than what will fit in the car!). You can stock up on all the supplies you love to make sure your down-time is as enjoyable as possible.

Plus, if you own a second-home you can keep all of those comforts there so there’s no need to even pack up the car, talk about stress-free holidays!


  1. Multiple holidays

Staycations mean you can take shorter and more frequent trips, because you’re not accounting for the long travel times or added expenses. You have the freedom to pop off to a nearby retreat multiple times per year (we’re sold!).

Even better, if you own a second-home you can take unplanned trips as often as you like. Make the most of those un-predictable British heatwaves and pop off to your home-away-from-home without a second thought.