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New Year Dreaming

The start of a new year is often a time for reflection, of what you appreciate most in your life, what you’d like to work on this year and the dreams you’d love to achieve.

For us, as well as for many, the things we really value are times spent with our friends and family, enjoying our down-time and making new memories. That’s why a dream on many people’s list is to own a second-home.

Having a luxurious base in a location that suits your lifestyle and where your friends and family can enjoy too, well that’s hitting the jackpot if you ask us. If you’re investing in a second-home, you want it to be somewhere that you’re counting down to visit and planning your next visit as soon as you’re on your way home from your last trip.

We asked some of our lodge owners why they chose lodge life and why Doe Wood works for them, here’s what they told us:

  • A lodge has a real holiday feel whilst providing a lot more space than a caravan.
  • The lodges are well maintained and looked after when we’re not on-site.
  • If you’re in search of peace and tranquillity, then Doe Wood is the place to be!
  • Being surrounded by coastal views whilst on the doorstep to the Lake District too is perfect for our love of the outdoors.
  • There is room for our family to come and stay too…they’re always queuing up to visit!

Get in touch if you have any questions at all.

UK Staycations on the up

Staycations have bene increasing year after year, with more and more holiday-makers keeping their feet firmly on UK soil during their down-time.

It’s therefore no surprise that the number of people who own a second-home in the UK has also risen in recent years. Now, an increasing number of people are investing in a holiday home of their own and opting to spend their time in a home-away-from-home.

As far as we can see there are a number of factors that are leading to people opting to stay in the country to holiday, and even spend their time in a property of their own.


  1. Travel time

People begrudge spending two of their holiday days travelling to and from a destination, and rightly so. Whether you’re working or retired, your time away from home is valuable, so why waste it (and your energy) just getting from A to B.

The UK boats world-class attraction, beautiful landscapes and vibrant cities, so why travel further than you need to?


  1. Quality accommodation

A big risk of travelling and booking holiday homes is knowing what the quality of the property will be; how at home you’ll feel, what amenities you’ll have and (most importantly) how well you’ll sleep at night!

By finding accommodation you’ll return to or investing in a holiday home in the UK, you know what to expect and can easily make yourself at home…


  1. Home comforts

Hopping in the car for a week or weekend away means there’s no limit to what you take with you (other than what will fit in the car!). You can stock up on all the supplies you love to make sure your down-time is as enjoyable as possible.

Plus, if you own a second-home you can keep all of those comforts there so there’s no need to even pack up the car, talk about stress-free holidays!


  1. Multiple holidays

Staycations mean you can take shorter and more frequent trips, because you’re not accounting for the long travel times or added expenses. You have the freedom to pop off to a nearby retreat multiple times per year (we’re sold!).

Even better, if you own a second-home you can take unplanned trips as often as you like. Make the most of those un-predictable British heatwaves and pop off to your home-away-from-home without a second thought.



Aerial view of the luxury lodge park

Buying a Luxury Lodge: Frequency Asked Questions

Buying a lodge is often a decision that will take much deliberation, after all this is your second-home, it’s an investment to your future and it needs to be right for you.

So, here we’ve compiled some of the questions that we’re regularly asked to hopefully help you on your quest for the perfect home for you.

We’re always happy to help and chat through some of this in more detail too, we understand what an important decision you’re making, so do call us on 07885201436if we can be of help at all.


Q. Can I live in the lodge all year round?

Yes, you can spend 12-months a year in our lodges if you want to. However, it can’t be your main home.


Q. Are there different layouts to choose from?

 Absolutely and you can even design your own layout. You can opt for a 2, 3, 4-bedroom lodges to a specific size that you choose and the living areas can be bespoke too.


Q. Do they come furnished?

You can either buy a furnished lodge or move your own furniture in, whatever suits you best.


Q. How long does it take to move in once I buy the lodge?

A show-lodge is available to move into straight away! However, if you choose to design your own lodge then it will usually take around 4 months.


Q. Can I choose the position of my lodge on the site?

 Yes, we currently have three positions available on site ready for new lodges.


Q. Can I rent out my lodge to visitors?

 Family and friends are welcome to use your lodge whenever you’d like them to. We don’t allow sub-letting though.

Autumn in South Cumbria

When it comes to autumn, the countryside is the place to be. Crisp walks amongst the changing colours of the landscape, followed by a pub lunch by an open fire and then on to home (or in our case a luxury lodge) to get tucked up for the evening and relax…just perfect.

South Cumbria is a beautiful area to enjoy this time of year; the Lake District has never looked more beautiful and the coastline is ever changing. Plus, there’s plenty going on to give you a real taste of country living.

Here’s a round-up of some of our favourite things to do in South Cumbria in the autumn…

  1. Enter the season with feelings of calm and serenity with a visit to Conishead Priory. Finish your visit to the Buddhist Temple, house and grounds with a trip to their café to warm up!
  2. If you’re entertaining the family this Halloween weekend then be sure to head to Holker Hall for plenty of fun for all ages, including ‘Creepy Crafts’ and the ‘Witches and Wizardry School of Excellence’.
  3. If you’re feeling brave, then wrap up and head out to Ford Park this Halloween where Ulverston will be lit up for the annual candlelit walk.
  4. Speaking of feeling brave, to the west coast of Cumbria sits one of the most haunted castles in the UK! But, Muncaster Castle isn’t just great for ghost spotting, it boasts beautiful gardens and a fantastic Hawk & Owl centre too.
  5. Here in Aldingham we’re just a short drive from the Lake District where you can enjoy the great outdoors in all its glory. In less than a half an hour drive you can reach the tip of Lake Windermere, it’s beautiful to walk alongside at this time of year.
Photo credit: Choose Ulverston
  1. If you’re drawn to South Cumbria from your love for the great outdoors, then be sure to visit Kendal Mountain Festival where you can join thousands of outdoor enthusiasts, media industry specialists, athletes, top brands & equipment manufacturers, artists, photographers, adventurers and plenty more!
  2. As well as being a beautiful market town, Ulverston is renowned for hosting festivals aplenty which draw in crowds from far and wide. The Dickensian Festival is one of the most popular and takes place in November, seeing the streets of Ulverston transported back in time.
  3. It’s the perfect season to indulge, so warm up with some delicious local dishes. Virginia House in Ulverston offers fine dining, beautiful guest rooms and a stellar gin menu! The Head Chef has competed on BBC show Great British Menu, so you’ll certainly be in safe hands!

Meet our Lodge Owners: Rosemary & Bill

Ten years of Doe Wood have been made all the more enjoyable by our lovely lodge owners who have come to the site over the years. Now, as we celebrate a decade of Doe Wood, we thought who better to tell you all about lodge life than those who have been here with us from the very beginning.

Rosemary and Bill were one of the first couples to buy a lodge here and actually bought the first show lodge ten years ago! They still spend as much time as they can enjoying their home-away-from-home and it’s become a place for their family to enjoy too.

What appealed to you about Doe Wood when you first came to visit?

“It’s so peaceful, so we said ‘yes, we’ll take it’ there and then! It’s nowhere near as busy as the Lake District, you’ve got the beaches to yourself, you can walk and not see another person for hours!”

How do you spend your time at Doe Wood?

“We mainly just stay here, and we love Walney Island too. We walk for miles along the beaches here. When the sand is dry we love the beach at Aldingham, you can walk out for miles.”

“Our friends from Holland recently came to stay and they said that they’ve been all over the continent and never been anywhere as peaceful as this…that’s saying something isn’t it!”

Celebrating 10 years of Doe Wood…what next?

This August (2018) marked 10 years since we first opened our gates at Doe Wood and we’re delighted to be celebrating this milestone. If you’re wondering how this luxury lodge site first came about then you may want to take a look back at our first post.

Here we’re looking to the future in excitement and anticipation of what the next 10 years will hold. We’re seeing in our 10th year with two new lodge owners arriving on site and some beautiful new properties being moved on to Doe Wood, what a way to celebrate!

So, here’s a little more about our hopes for Doe Wood into 2028!


Protecting what the park is all about

As the years pass us by what is most important to us is that we protect what Doe Wood is at its heart and what the lodge owners love most about the site. For us, the peace and tranquillity of the park is key to the lifestyle here; each lodge is surrounded by open space giving lodge owners a real dose of countryside living.

The lodge owners, and their friends and families, come here for an escape from the hustle and bustle of every day live. It becomes a retreat for people to relax and unwind, surrounded by beautiful coastal and countryside views.


Celebrating our view!

The view from Doe Wood, across the fields, over the coast and with fabulous south facing views over Morecambe Bay, is what first inspired this project and is one of the things that makes the lodge park truly unique.

To have a home-away-from-home that offers such a stunning view from first thing in the morning and right through to sunset in the evening, well we think that’s pretty special. As new lodges are bought on site, it’s really important to us that new owners can enjoy that very special view too.


Luxury is what we do

One of the biggest changes we see over the years is the progression in lodge design and the quality of the manufacturing and we will always aim to offer the highest standard lodges on site.

A lodge is your second-home which means it should be bursting with home comforts, but we think it’s about more than that. Your time away from home should feel like a treat too and it should be somewhere that you really look forward to visiting, so the lodge should be more than just homely, there needs to be a little luxury in there too!

Many of our lodges are bespoke to the owner’s preferences and are therefore completely unique in their interiors, soft furnishing and layout.  They can be as modern, or as traditional as you like…but always to the highest standard.


Promoting South Cumbria

South Cumbria is becoming a popular visitor destination and we’re very proud to call it home.  The Lake District is becoming ever more popular, but people are also wanting to explore the towns and villages that surround the National Park too which is great to see.

The South Lakes boasts much of the natural beauty of the Lakes but remains quiet in the busier months giving people a quiet corner of Cumbria to escape to.  Ulverston and the surrounding areas are set within the beautiful coastal peninsula and has many attractions worth visiting.

We hope to continue to invite more people, lodge owners and their friends and family, to explore south Cumbria and enjoy all it has to offer.

Why second-homes are a must

You may be considering a second-home as your retirement plan, or perhaps a place to head to on your holidays, or even a retreat to spend every moment you can and simply relax.

Whatever you reasoning is, here are some of the little perks that we’ve come across, and heard from our lodge-owners, that may make help you decide whether a second-home will be the right choice for you.


  1. No more packing

Time away from home, a little change of scenery, is a real treat, but sometimes the packing up can be somewhat off-putting. From organising all you need before you go and then unpacking when you arrive, to going through the same rigmarole to come home again…it can make a weekend getaway feel a little less appealing.

The joy of a second-home is that there’s so much less to think about. All the basics like kitchen goods and toiletries are already there, you probably have a stock of linen ready to use and, if you’re like us, you’re likely to have stacks of games, books and films there too…for those inevitable rainy days!


  1. Forget the map!

When you visit somewhere new it can often take a few days to get your bearings and really get to grips with what the area has to offer. A great thing about a second-home is that you can get to know one area, become familiar with the best places to shop, visit, eat and drink and immerse yourself into the community, if you so wish.

When choosing a location for your second-home, think about the things you most like to do in your holidays and find somewhere that will provide you with access to those things and allow you to spend your time away from home doing things that make you happy, even if that’s doing absolutely nothing and enjoying some peace and quiet!


  1. Spontaneous staycations

 Sometimes you just need a break away. One night, one week or one month. You can’t always know when you’ll be ready for a change of scene, giving you little time to book a getaway. Perhaps you’ve had a really long week and want to really switch off, or you have friends visiting that you’d love to take away too, or, in typical British fashion, news of a week-long heat wave breaks and you want to make the most of the good weather.

With a second-home you have a go-to retreat at the ready, somewhere that you can jet off to at the drop of a hat, whatever your reason may be.


  1. Comfort guaranteed

There’s nothing worse than counting down to a much-needed break away, when all you need is to recharge your batteries, and you spend the whole time away trying to feel as comfortable as you do in your own home. We’ve been there, when it takes up until the final night to feel like you’re settled and then you’re packing up to head home, more tired than when you arrived!

When you’re heading to your own home, all of your home comforts are there ready and waiting for you. You have everything you need to help you to unwind, relax, and feel at home…and importantly ensure you have a good night’s sleep.


  1. Looking for some peace and quiet?

This one may just be important for us; some people go away in search of a party rather than peace after all! But, if finding a haven of tranquillity is important to you then finding a second-home in a secluded location could be just what you need.

Not only can you choose the location carefully, but you can control the noise around you too. Here at Doe Wood all of our lodges are owned rather than rented so as soon as you come to visit us you get a feel for the calm and quiet location and our lovely lodge owners who love the peaceful site too.

If you’re renting accommodation in need of a little down time and end up next door to a party house then you may not go home feeling rejuvenated, so take the risk away by choosing your own home-away-from-home carefully.


We hope this is helpful! If you have any questions about buying a second-home, or lodge life here at Doe Wood please do get in touch with us, we’d love you hear from you.