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Aerial view of the luxury lodge park

Buying a Luxury Lodge: Frequency Asked Questions

Buying a lodge is often a decision that will take much deliberation, after all this is your second-home, it’s an investment to your future and it needs to be right for you.

So, here we’ve compiled some of the questions that we’re regularly asked to hopefully help you on your quest for the perfect home for you.

We’re always happy to help and chat through some of this in more detail too, we understand what an important decision you’re making, so do call us on 07885201436if we can be of help at all.


Q. Can I live in the lodge all year round?

Yes, you can spend 12-months a year in our lodges if you want to. However, it can’t be your main home.


Q. Are there different layouts to choose from?

 Absolutely and you can even design your own layout. You can opt for a 2, 3, 4-bedroom lodges to a specific size that you choose and the living areas can be bespoke too.


Q. Do they come furnished?

You can either buy a furnished lodge or move your own furniture in, whatever suits you best.


Q. How long does it take to move in once I buy the lodge?

A show-lodge is available to move into straight away! However, if you choose to design your own lodge then it will usually take around 4 months.


Q. Can I choose the position of my lodge on the site?

 Yes, we currently have three positions available on site ready for new lodges.


Q. Can I rent out my lodge to visitors?

 Family and friends are welcome to use your lodge whenever you’d like them to. We don’t allow sub-letting though.

Meet our Lodge Owners: Rosemary & Bill

Ten years of Doe Wood have been made all the more enjoyable by our lovely lodge owners who have come to the site over the years. Now, as we celebrate a decade of Doe Wood, we thought who better to tell you all about lodge life than those who have been here with us from the very beginning.

Rosemary and Bill were one of the first couples to buy a lodge here and actually bought the first show lodge ten years ago! They still spend as much time as they can enjoying their home-away-from-home and it’s become a place for their family to enjoy too.

What appealed to you about Doe Wood when you first came to visit?

“It’s so peaceful, so we said ‘yes, we’ll take it’ there and then! It’s nowhere near as busy as the Lake District, you’ve got the beaches to yourself, you can walk and not see another person for hours!”

How do you spend your time at Doe Wood?

“We mainly just stay here, and we love Walney Island too. We walk for miles along the beaches here. When the sand is dry we love the beach at Aldingham, you can walk out for miles.”

“Our friends from Holland recently came to stay and they said that they’ve been all over the continent and never been anywhere as peaceful as this…that’s saying something isn’t it!”